Rewards Program

What is the Rewards Program?

It is giving back to our return customers money back on their orders.

How do you earn rewards?

Once you create an account you will receive complimentary 100pts worth $5 that you can use for a future purchase once you earn 200pts!

How do I earn extra points?

You can earn extra points if you refer people. If someone you referred orders from our site and is a confirmed order you will receive an extra 100pts to your account.

Have them enter your email at checkout and you will receive the points.  If they don't enter the email just email us and let us know the person you referred and we can verify and add the points to your account.

How much are points worth?

Points are worth .05cents per dollar you spend on a product. It does not include shipping costs or taxes added to your total.

When will the points show up?

Once you have at least 200pts or more it will show up at checkout and you can select points and will showup at checkout page.

Can I redeem points for cash?

No. It is just used for credit for future purchase.

Do points ever expire?


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